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Happy Day~ - EkaMixZzZ
Unlimited Desire
Happy Day~
I'm so happy...
This week... I received 3 Manga and 1 Novel
1 - Ze v06 by Yuki Shimizu (after 1 year waiting, I tried to buy it from CereusBook, I'm stuck through Amazon... so I discuss with Cereus to buy it through ebay, Now no worry anymore, just waiting for Ze v07 early this 2013)
2 - Flutter by Momoko Tenzen (And YES... This one MUST have in My Wishlist. Now got 1 Copy... Very interesting. I loveeeeeeeeeeee Love Story Between 2 Men... How the Uke make the Seme heart flutter every time the Seme saw the Uke.)
3 -  Starting With Kiss (Kisu Ariki) by Youka Nitta ( What can i say... WOW... Nowaday Nitta-sensei make it Uke look like "women" especially the Uke's body, lips, eyes even hair... Ish Ish Ish)
4 - Cold Fever by Narisa Konahara (Begin with Cold Sleep, continued with Cold Light. And the Final... Cold Fever.)

What else?... Later :)

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Current Music: Kahit Walang Sabihin - Rico Blanco

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